• Enjoy over 40 recipes this anti-inflammatory meal plan will support your natural healing process while also promoting optimum health. Double win!
  • All recipes can be made in less than 30 minutes. Healthy and yummy for the whole family. 
  •  Boost your beauty, energy, and strength by nourishing your body with these delicious and nutritious meals.

Hi, I'm Kyria! Believe me, I understand just how hard it can be to figure out which foods are actually healthy...and then how to eat healthy all month long! 

If you want to promote your absolute best health and support natural healing, it all starts with the food on your plate. 

This meal plan will take the stress out of eating. 

Sometimes planning ahead and getting started is the hardest part. 

That's exactly why I designed this Free 30 Day Meal Plan.

I hope you'll download it and enjoy the best foods for your beautiful body. 
Free 30 Day Meal Plan By Kyria Marie
M.A. Health Education + Nutrition
Holistic Nutritional Consultant + Health Coach
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