Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA)

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Kyria Health Programs are not refundable under any circumstances. Please purchase mindfully. If ordering one FBCA, it expires 90 Days From Date of Purchase. If ordering TWO FBCAs right now, then they expire 8 months from date of purchase. FBCA tests can be completed at any LabCorp location in the USA except NY and NJ due to current legislation in those two states.

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Real people, real results.

 “I feel like you, Kyria, have given me the answer key for how to make these positive changes…for the longest time working out and watching what I ate didn’t necessarily work for me. I’ve never had this kind of success within 90 days dealing with my weight. I just feel like “WOW!” It has been so awesome…and I can’t wait to see where I am in the next 4-6 months… to see how has my health changed… Do the Functional Blood Chemistry!.. You [Kyria] have given me the roadmap and shown me how to get to optimum health in my own physical body what needs to be worked on. Amazing.”

It’s really really helpful… This [FBCA] really shows what is off and what is within a normal range. That really helped encourage me because it didn’t make me feel crazy about all the health issues that I had been having… Also getting supplements and recommendations after that has been so helpful and really integrating that into better eating. It is really encouraging and I feel like “Oh my gosh, things are changing!” I really feel like the blood tests, the results, and the consultation with you [Kyria] was probably the most helpful and the most encouraging to keep moving forward.”

"Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis catches things before they're full blown issues. I think it works in prevention that way because you can see what is going on and then work to correct it before it becomes this ginormous issue."

"I really enjoyed the lab work because it took it to a whole new level of really analyzing me and just me. Not my sister, not my brother. But just specifically this is Taylor and this is how she can have optimal performance."

"I see through my blood what is going on in my body... It took courage to make that choice to really get an understanding of what is actually going on... It's about time that I start thinking about myself... There is something better."

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