"My joints feel great, my muscle aches are gone (after 25 years), I lost 20 pounds, I am sleeping like never before, I have a clear mind and memory and my energy is through the roof." -Laurie

"I've lost 80 pounds... I feel better than I ever have and have a ton of energy." - Jen

"I had stomach issues and recurring migraines for 50 + years and within 3 months my stomach issues are gone and my migraines have diminished and I now know how to manage my depression and self love." ~Bonnie

"I was able to learn a new way of eating, lose nearly 30 pounds, learn to love myself, listen to my body, accept who I am, and grow intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally... Kyria has helped me find my true light.” - Schelli

"I just started working with Kyria 3 months ago... I am more at peace with myself, more relaxed and 16 pounds less without a lot of effort." - Debra

"Since the 6 weeks, I have lost 15 pounds, I feel way more energetic, and my blood pressure has gone down lower than it has been in years." -Sally

"My headaches have greatly improved, I've lost 5 pounds... I highly recommend working with Kyria!" -Kim

"I don't need pain medicine anymore. I didn't think that was even possible... Don't wait, feeling the best you can is worth it now.” 

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